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Zero-rated supplies are taxable supplies on which VAT is levied at a rate of 0%. The application of the zero rate must be supported by documentary proof acceptable to the Commissioner. Certain basic foodstuffs are zero-rated, provided it is not supplied for immediate consumption (that is, as a meal or refreshment) or added to a standard-rated supply.


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  • A glass of milk is served in a restaurant.
  • Salad or fruit salad that is ready to eat.
  • Sandwiches and other take-away foods.

A zero-rated product or ingredient is supplied together with a zero-rated foodstuff, for example:

  • A pack of vegetables containing a pack of flavoured butter.
  • A pack of rice or beans containing a sachet of flavouring.
  • A gift hamper consisting of a basket of fruit;
  • Flavoured cooking oil.
  • A pack of salad to which salad dressing has been added.