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Frequently Asked Questions for VAT

As with all VAT situations, UK law is derived from broad European principles, upon which the domestic VAT legislation of all the EU member states is based. In the UK’s case, this has to be interpreted on top of centuries-old UK land law. It can be an uneasy combination. In addition, you will commonly find different treatments in Scotland.

Yes, there is, but we stress that it is very broad. In general, land and property transactions are exempt from VAT unless they are specifically identified as being standard, reduced or zero-rated.

A ‘major interest’ refers to either a freehold sale or a lease for a term exceeding 21 years.  The term ‘new’, for VAT purposes, refers to commercial buildings less than 3 years old.

Again, as before, the letting of property is primarily exempt from VAT. This applies to both commercial and domestic lettings. However there is a special facility available for commercial letting called the ‘option to tax’. In effect, by adhering to certain conditions, you can elect to waive the exemption that would normally apply to your rents and opt to charge VAT instead.

Over the years, HMRC have brought in ever-more complex anti-avoidance legislation, which may block your option to tax in some circumstances. The consequences could be significant in terms of VAT costs which you had not anticipated.


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Conspiracy, illegal control of enterprise + possession of marijuana


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Conspiracy, illegal control of enterprise + possession of marijuana


Dismissed prior to trail

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Lilly Margaret Housewife

Grateful. Their expert guidance and dedication navigated my business through complex VAT issues. Clear communication, proactive solutions—highly recommend for any VAT challenges. Thank you

Robert Gannon University Teacher

Exceptional VAT expertise! They navigated complexities seamlessly, providing clear guidance and proactive solutions. Grateful for their dedication—highly recommend for any business facing VAT challenges!

James Gatton Housewife

Incredible VAT support! Expertise, clear guidance, and proactive solutions made a significant impact on my business. Highly recommend for anyone navigating VAT complexities. Thank you!

Edward Rowin University Teacher

We represent our clients’ inter on the highest EU levels. Our firm combines former top EU officials, leading EU politicians and high profile EU attorneys. We combine legal expertise…

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